Jeanne's Elderly Care
1682 Monterey Road Roanoke Va. 24019
Phone (540) 563-1262  Fax (540) 366-1107

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Alternative to Traditional Nursing Homes

This facility will focus on providing services which promote independence in a safe and pleasant environment.  As the elderly struggle to stay out of nursing homes and hospitals, they seek help with housekeeping, laundry, and food preparation.  As an alternative to nursing home placement, Jeanne's Elderly Care will provide assistance and housing to its residents, including meal preparation, laundry, linen, housekeeping and personal care.  Appropriate staff will assist with social and recreational activities. 

Elderly men and women frequently express a desire for basic companionship or the need for assistance, but prefer not to impose on family members.  Concerned family members may be forced to acknowledge that it has become increasingly difficult
for loved ones to take care of themselves and their homes.  Jeanne's Elderly Care will provide services to adults who require assistance to remain independent safely and will be able to accommodate 8 residents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This facility will be staffed with professionals who are trained to respect the individuality and promote the dignity of every resident.  Along with monitoring and supervision, both residents and relatives will feel confident that the appropriate level of care will be provided.


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